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About Frank Timis

Frank Timis, Chairman of the Timis Corporation, cut his teeth in the mining industry in his teens in Western Australia, where he worked as a prospector looking for diamonds, minerals and gold. By the age of 27, Frank started his first mining venture. This kick-started a career spanning three decades building up a multi-billion dollar portfolio of rich natural resource assets around the world.

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The Timis Corporation is a portfolio of businesses in the mining, oil and gas, life sciences and agricultural industries and include African Minerals, African Petroleum, International Petroleum and London Pharma. With a strong ethical code for social responsibility, the Timis group of companies works closely with local Governments to give back to the communities in which they operate.

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Social Responsibility

Frank was born with the sense that life is not measured by how much one achieves, but by how much one helps others in need. This guiding principle has remained a consistent throughout his life and the rate in which he supports and gives to charities has grown exponentially with the size and success of his business ventures.

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