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Frank Timis, Chairman of the Timis Corporation, cut his teeth in the mining industry in Western Australia, where he worked as a prospector looking for diamonds, minerals and gold. By the age of 27, Frank started his first mining venture. This kick-started a career spanning three decades, building a multi-billion dollar portfolio of rich natural resource assets around the world.

Acknowledged as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK and of Romanian origin, Frank is an important player in the global natural resources industry. Unafraid to take risks, he has a reputation as someone who is prepared to be the first to invest in countries looking to rebuild themselves after periods of political instability. He has been listed in the Forbes World Billionaires list and has featured in the Sunday Times Rich List.

He has a strong sense of corporate and social responsibility. He ensures this is instilled throughout his companies and in his personal life. He feels a particular affiliation with the West African Sub Continent including Sierra Leone, where his flagship company African Minerals is based, and Romania, his birth country. He also significantly donates to charities and cultural causes in West Africa, Kazakhstan and the UK where his companies operate.



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FRANK TIMIS – EMPEROR OF WEST AFRICAN MINING AND OIL VISITS SIERRA LEONE AND SAYS IT’S BUSINESS AS USUAL DESPITE EBOLA THREAT reports   Frank Timis, the Chairman of African Minerals and the emperor of West African Mining has recently visited Sierra Leone after his tour of four (4) other countries in West Africa where he has his business interests. He went to Sierra Leone to spend a few days with his employees. As a billionaire, …More

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